Autumn sun

I went outside to appreciate the season for a bit. But when I looked up on the trees and saw that they had lost more than half of their leaves I freaked out for a moment. Naked trees are so depressing and I'm not looking forward to a cold and dark winter. *cries*

I would like to take a moment to remember all the presets I made in Lightroom that will be forever lost since I got a new phone. You will be missed. I will do my best to recreate you. Also farewell to everything else that disappeared. Thanks for everything, I am forever grateful.

I feel like I should write something more? But my brain is lagging right now so let's save that for another day.
Now I'm gonna take a hot shower, they're the best! Have a good night everyone!




I love your post! I agree I am soo not ready for the trees to be naked.
Thank you! I know right, it’s the worst haha 😟 x