My favourite Korean skincare products

About three months ago I changed all of my skincare products. I had been using a french brand for some time, but as I was running out of those products I decided to turn to Korean skincare instead. At first I was a bit scared to try something new, because I didn't want to mess up my skin (been there, done that). But as my new products arrived I started loving them immediately! Korean skincare is amazing, so I'm gonna stick to that from now on.
Above are my standard products for daily use. (facial foam missing in picture)
I start by double washing my face to remove all make up. Then I add a toner and essence from COSRX.
Night time I use an ampoule from Secret Key. Sometimes I do a sheet mask as well, usually by Tony Moly.
Anti wrinkle eye cream and facial cream from the SAEM. And of course day time I use my wrinkle solution sun cream, spf 50+.
During the day I like to spray my face with my nice smelling Harakeke mist, also by the SAEM.