Haunted house

I'm loving the weather so much right now! The perfect autumn - beautiful colours and nice temperatures.
Thanks mother nature!

I got so scared when I got home after work. The thing is I NEVER close the door to my bathroom, but when I got home today it was completely shut. Only other people shut my door like that, and as far as I know I didn't invite anyone over today. So my mind was like "someone broke in and now I'm going to die, k bye". I couldn't find anyone, but it's still scary AF.

The only logical reason is that I closed it without realising right before I left for work earlier today? But why would I do that when my habit is to never close it? Also, in order for it to actually close you have to push it quite hard, so it can't close itself.
What kind of sorcery is this?! Do I have ghosts chilling here or what... Me and my friends were talking about scary stuff last night, so I'm kind of paranoid now, hehe...

Have you ever experienced weird stuff like that? x