Manic Monday

Hi lovelies! Are you having a good start of the week? My Monday has been productive to say the least.
*Gotta make the best of your days off*
Grocery shopping, laundry, school started, I changed my electricity company, booked an appointment with my GP, I did some singing (another reason to book the laundry room, the resonance in there is amaaaaazing! - sorry not sorry neighbours ;) )
... and I bought a new phone, hello iPhone XS Max!

I was feeling great! Then technology started messing with me and I though I was gonna have a meltdown.
Luckily my next door neighbour lent me her wifi for a bit, so I managed to fix everything in the end.
But let's say that no one would have been able to help me out with the wifi situation, then I wouldn't have been able to set the alarm for tomorrow, or call work, or anyone else for that matter.
No phone and no wifi on my laptop. What a nightmare! *my life depends on tech*
I'd have no choice but to send smoke signals and hope for the best. I'm glad it worked out, haha! x