My Saturday

You can never guess what I did yesterday? I went to the seaside to spy on birds. Yes bird-watching is a thing and people live for that stuff. I was out there in the field with my step dad, the camera and them binoculars! Such a funny experience. I would totally prefer to look at tropical birds over the ones we have here in Sweden though. But the swans were pretty cool, haha!

After spying on birds for a bit we went into the city for a little walk and some lunch. We ended up at an Asian buffet and it was pretty amazing. I didn't even get to try half of the stuff because they had so much!

On our way home we stopped by Triumf Glass for some ice cream. I tried watermelon, candy cane and coffee flavour and it was amazing!! I would really recommend everyone to try those flavours!! *Obsessed* Haha :))

I hope you have a nice weekend and that the weather is beautiful wherever you are. x